This page documents information about the dependencies used in MarkWiki.

MarkWiki includes some setup_requires dependencies. These are needed to execute the test suite via python nosetests.

The dependencies included in install_requires are the logical dependencies that MarkWiki requires. This list captures what is needed to run MarkWiki, but not which specific versions.


The list of dependencies in requirements.txt are the actual versions that MarkWiki was tested with. This list captures extra information about dependencies of dependencies as well.


Each dependency serves a certain purpose. The following describes why each tool in was selected.

  • argparse - Used to provide the argument parsing module for any installation of MarkWiki using Python 2.6.
  • Flask - MarkWiki is a web application built on top of the Flask web application framework. Flask is core to the operation of MarkWiki.
  • Flask-Login - This Flask extension creates the capability to handle logged in users.
  • Flask-WTF - This Flask extension is used for creating HTML forms via WTForms.
  • Frozen-Flask - The ability to generate a static version of a MarkWiki comes from this Flask extension.
  • Markdown - All Markdown pages are transformed into HTML from this dependency.
  • Pygments - Code syntax highlighting is provided by Pygments.
  • Whoosh - This is the search tool used by MarkWiki.